Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PICS OF SANDY quite nice photos i thought. She definately prefers jumping over straight dressage, thats for sure. And she is the sort of horse that needs alot of regular work. Far more than i can give her at the moment. Hence have sold her on to an eventor. A lovely lady that saw her advertised when i bought her. She will have a great time hooning around a x-country course, i;m sure. A real shame, because type wise, she was the kind of horse i really like. But as they say, horses for courses.

Friday, October 3, 2008

SANDY - day 2 at home

Day 2 at home in the arena. Photos aren't the best cause my mum doesn't know how to use the zoom. lol. Anyway, back to Sandy. She starts off a bit behind the leg, but once she lowers her head, and stretches over her back, it feels really good. We now have some bend to right, alot better than yesterday, and today we cantered!! exciting stuff. She was very good, picked up the right lead, but quite speedy (obviously a balance issue) Have the farrier coming to shoe her, as she still has racing plates on, and her feet are quite long. So far, all good.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SANDY - By Sandtrap

First pics of Sandy, a lovely mare i just bought today. (hope you don't mind me pinching your photos Gina), obviously don't have any of my own yet. She is such a sweetie. Happily at home, head down eating flat out. lol. Can't wait to go for a ride tomorrow.

Well, Muffie has sold. Has gone to the best home, where she will get lots of love and attention. Really sad to see her go, but Shelly is lovely, and i'm sure she will get the very best out of her.