Friday, December 5, 2008


Two weeks ago we could barely manage a figure of eight, what with changing the bend, and keeping a rythum, but now we can do 4 and sometimes 5 loop serpentines, maintaining rythum, and now she changes bend through the middle very easily. Such a huge improvement.

A shot of the canter on the good rein, she can get quite strong, but loathe to change bits, as at the start she wasn't keen on taking the bit, and tended to curl behind, so have her in a training snaffle, and although she is a bit strong, at least she is taking the bit.

My instructor had a looksie at my video of my training when she called in yesterday, and said i'm not going forward enough. Mincy, mincy!! So here is a pic of a much more forward trot on the circle, and she can prob still find something wrong! LOL We have a lesson tomorrow, the first one with this horse, so am preparing myself to get a good roasting. LOL

Finally have managed to get some fat on the skinny girl. Have totally changed her feed, and have gone back to the basic (and cheaper) way of putting the weight on.

Trot work is coming along quite nicely, but the canter needs ALOT of work. On the left rein, i can get quite a respectable canter, but the left rein SO needs more work

Cruise at home in the arena

Had planned to take cruise to Tokoroa A&P this weekend, but she is not quite ready to go out with other horses. I haven't managed to get her out since the inhand, so thought it would be wise to wait until Tauranga A&P in January, so we can get a couple of low key outings under our belt before the REAL thing.

Friday, November 21, 2008

My friend Wendy kindly came up and rode Cruise for me this morning, as i have been unwell all week, and have been unable to ride. We are taking her down to the local grounds on Sunday (they have the pony club dressage trials on), for a little mingle with the other horses to see how she goes when ridden out. With the view of Wendy competing her at Tokoroa A&P in a couple of weeks time. She is SUCH a sweet little horse.

Sunday, November 16, 2008



After a few wasted trips around the place looking for a suitable new gg, i found Cruise a couple of weeks ago. Brown TB mare, just turned 5. We are taking it slowly, as she hasn't done much at all since finishing racing a year ago, but she has got all the goods i wanted in a horse to be my next show hack. Below is a pic taken today at Taurnaga Inhand, where she got Champion in the Adult ring. Was really stoked with her, she didn't put a foot wrong (bar not wanting to get on the float)

She got a first for mare 15.3hh and over, first in most suitable show hack, 2nd in the turnout, and another second for most suitable dressage horse. She is a bit light in condition, and she still hasn't settled in properly. As soon as something changes at the farm, she stresses, hence the weight prob at present.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PICS OF SANDY quite nice photos i thought. She definately prefers jumping over straight dressage, thats for sure. And she is the sort of horse that needs alot of regular work. Far more than i can give her at the moment. Hence have sold her on to an eventor. A lovely lady that saw her advertised when i bought her. She will have a great time hooning around a x-country course, i;m sure. A real shame, because type wise, she was the kind of horse i really like. But as they say, horses for courses.

Friday, October 3, 2008

SANDY - day 2 at home

Day 2 at home in the arena. Photos aren't the best cause my mum doesn't know how to use the zoom. lol. Anyway, back to Sandy. She starts off a bit behind the leg, but once she lowers her head, and stretches over her back, it feels really good. We now have some bend to right, alot better than yesterday, and today we cantered!! exciting stuff. She was very good, picked up the right lead, but quite speedy (obviously a balance issue) Have the farrier coming to shoe her, as she still has racing plates on, and her feet are quite long. So far, all good.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SANDY - By Sandtrap

First pics of Sandy, a lovely mare i just bought today. (hope you don't mind me pinching your photos Gina), obviously don't have any of my own yet. She is such a sweetie. Happily at home, head down eating flat out. lol. Can't wait to go for a ride tomorrow.

Well, Muffie has sold. Has gone to the best home, where she will get lots of love and attention. Really sad to see her go, but Shelly is lovely, and i'm sure she will get the very best out of her.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

JAIME - ooops, Motorcross bike injuries OUCH !!

This is what happens when you freak out and use
your front brakes only. DOWN goes the bike and over you go.

JORDYN - the real Fred Dagg of the family.

Jordyn ( 2 1/2 ) found this hat in her drawer that she WOULDN'T wear last summer. Now she's decided its the coolest piece of clothing she owns, lol. AND fast asleep, on the top of the couch.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

FINALLY - We managed to have our FIRST winter practice day

Yay. Finally a practice day. And we can even canter next to another gg. Just as well considering we have our first real dressage comp next Sunday. Muffin wasn't too sure about the pipe arena at first, but quite happy in the end. Centre lines were a bit on the wobbly side. lol
NOTE TO SELF: Must go more forward down centre line, or the judge might mistake it for a leg yield. lol

Monday, September 1, 2008

Me and Muffin practicing for our upcoming dressage debut

Quite happy in medium walk, but gee, my spur won't be doing much up there. lol

Friday, July 25, 2008


Here is my future champion - bred specially for me by my friend Hielke.

Ranfurly Gifted, aka Muffin. Rising 4 year old bay mare by Ranfurly (Cleveland Bay x TB).
All tacked up and ready for our first ride.
Hielke is telling her she MUST BEHAVE and i am having a nervous ciggy.

RED DIOR - At Tokoroa A&P Show Dec 2007

A lovely mare by Istadaad I picked out of a paddock (just out of racing) She went out and won her first ever dressage test with 90%
Now sold to the South Island. Her current owner is planning on
putting her in foal to Prestige this coming breeding season.


A lovely black gelding that i bought earlier this year who had been sitting in the paddock for 2 years. After 6 weeks of schooling we went out to win his first ever dressage test with 83% Now sold to Brooklands Park.