Friday, December 5, 2008


Two weeks ago we could barely manage a figure of eight, what with changing the bend, and keeping a rythum, but now we can do 4 and sometimes 5 loop serpentines, maintaining rythum, and now she changes bend through the middle very easily. Such a huge improvement.

A shot of the canter on the good rein, she can get quite strong, but loathe to change bits, as at the start she wasn't keen on taking the bit, and tended to curl behind, so have her in a training snaffle, and although she is a bit strong, at least she is taking the bit.

My instructor had a looksie at my video of my training when she called in yesterday, and said i'm not going forward enough. Mincy, mincy!! So here is a pic of a much more forward trot on the circle, and she can prob still find something wrong! LOL We have a lesson tomorrow, the first one with this horse, so am preparing myself to get a good roasting. LOL

Finally have managed to get some fat on the skinny girl. Have totally changed her feed, and have gone back to the basic (and cheaper) way of putting the weight on.

Trot work is coming along quite nicely, but the canter needs ALOT of work. On the left rein, i can get quite a respectable canter, but the left rein SO needs more work

Cruise at home in the arena

Had planned to take cruise to Tokoroa A&P this weekend, but she is not quite ready to go out with other horses. I haven't managed to get her out since the inhand, so thought it would be wise to wait until Tauranga A&P in January, so we can get a couple of low key outings under our belt before the REAL thing.