Friday, November 21, 2008

My friend Wendy kindly came up and rode Cruise for me this morning, as i have been unwell all week, and have been unable to ride. We are taking her down to the local grounds on Sunday (they have the pony club dressage trials on), for a little mingle with the other horses to see how she goes when ridden out. With the view of Wendy competing her at Tokoroa A&P in a couple of weeks time. She is SUCH a sweet little horse.

Sunday, November 16, 2008



After a few wasted trips around the place looking for a suitable new gg, i found Cruise a couple of weeks ago. Brown TB mare, just turned 5. We are taking it slowly, as she hasn't done much at all since finishing racing a year ago, but she has got all the goods i wanted in a horse to be my next show hack. Below is a pic taken today at Taurnaga Inhand, where she got Champion in the Adult ring. Was really stoked with her, she didn't put a foot wrong (bar not wanting to get on the float)

She got a first for mare 15.3hh and over, first in most suitable show hack, 2nd in the turnout, and another second for most suitable dressage horse. She is a bit light in condition, and she still hasn't settled in properly. As soon as something changes at the farm, she stresses, hence the weight prob at present.