Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DAY 2 of the Autumn Series

Well we had day 2 of the Rotorua Autumn Series on the 10th May.
Didnt really feel like going to the extent i hadnt ridden Cruise for 2 days before the show.
Bad i know, actually i was hoping it was going to be cancelled< as the weather was supposed
to be really bad on the Sunday.
Anyway, Sunday morning i was sitting at the table having my cuppa, and thought i'd better go,
so quickly packed up the car, shot up to the farm, plaited and off we went.
Weather was ok, right up till i went in to do my first test, and then it rained the whole way
through the test. Cruise didnt mind, but i did!
Second test, same thing, sunny right up till i entered, and then down came the rain again.
Anyway, ended up 1st in both tests, with scores of 75% and 65%
and Champion overall from the 2 days, so was really happy i went.

Will do the unregistered series at Tauranga, and then will register her for the September show here in Rotorua. Onwards and upwards.