Sunday, January 25, 2009

ROTORUA A&P SHOW 24th january 2009

What a HOT 2 days at Rotorua A&P this weekend. Saturday was a real scorcher. Riding in the Novice Hack classes at 11am was extremely "suffocating". Cruise was SO well behaved for her first ridden outing, with 2 seconds, a fourth, and a win in the Paced and Mannered. Winning the Paced and Mannered qualified us to compete on the Sunday for the Supreme Paced and Mannered. We had a go, but we don't have flying changes or lengthening QUITE happening yet, and by the time the class was held Cruise had had enough (although she did what was asked of her).

We also rode in the Suitability classes where she was placed in every class, winning the conformation class, 2nd in most suitable show hack, 2nd in most suitable dressage horse, and 2nd in most suitable horse for eventing, coming away with Reserve Champion!

So all in all, quite a successful first ridden show for us, but heck showing is such alot of fluffing around. What was really neat was having the people i bought her from (they have the Pirongia Clydesdales) come down and watch us today. "sunday" A big thanks to Louise for helping me get her ready while i was fluffing around, AND for giving my boots a quick polish.
Am rather glad that our next A&P show isn't until the end of February.

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